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Reader’s Views

 “My dear Shoukat,

 Congratulation for the successful launching of  Sea Link.

 You have made another milestone in your life pursuing what we,
 colleagues in the industry and true friends, want to share not only to
 maritime we long served but more to the general public.

 The articles written in sea link are all worth reading. It was great
 coming out with such an idea. Praises to you and your team.

 While I appreciate all, the Rebirth of the Phoenix caught my attention.
 It suits well in present time,
 It gives hope to people who are at a lost. True enough it is a
 resemblance of the facts of life. Life moves on no matter what
 happened. One has just to admit he failed, stood up again and continue
 the journey.

 No doubt your writings (past, present and future) will inspire many.

 Stay safe my friend and keep in touch.

 Elmer Pulumbarit

 Independent Maritime Adviser and Consultant


 “Would love to see a feedback page in ‘Sealink’ where people
 can write what they liked about the magazine and where you
 can improve”

 Capt. Tarique Khan

 Your Feedback is important to us and will help us improve.
 Please send your suggestions and feedback to
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