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Watch Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, 'The Naval Connection' speak  at the #FSM 2020 on
      the products & services of the company and how you can benefit from your association with TNC

                                                         TNC  PRODUCTS

                                                                         Leadership and                                             Future Skills Maritime
  Digital Business Cards              Audio Visual Magazine              Team Building          Maritime Soccer League           GLobal Virtual Conference


                         B U I L D I N G   V A L U E   F O R   F U T U R E

                                                OUR SERVICES

      Quality Management Consultancy | Audits  | Virtual Events | Conferences &    Crew Seminars|
           Workshops and Lectures | Virtual Training & Skill  Building| Social Media Management |

                              Advertising and Media  |  Branding and Business Development |

                                                      Contact Us

                                                         WhatsApp or  Call: +91 9433078830
                                Email: |

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